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Try to imagine for a minute that there is a lone boat stranded at sea…slowly sinking into the abyss of the ocean with 20,000 children on board… alone and afraid. Can you now imagine what the global aide would look like to save the lives of all of those children? Better yet, what would you be willing to do to help? Though the boat is just a metaphor, unfortunately the 20,000 children are not. They are all living in our own backyards in Los Angeles as members of the foster care system. They are sinking into the abyss of a dark and uncertain future that has not garnered the much-needed public support that it so desperately requires. The reality is that foster youth are taken from their homes and leave everything they know behind, including their beloved siblings, for a life in a stranger’s house.



By earning the trust of youth, Peace4Kids can overcome one of the key obstacles that "the system" faces when addressing health disparities and poor outcomes among foster youth. With an intimate understanding of the culture of youth in foster care, Peace4Kids fundamentally seeks to improve the child welfare system, and create better outcomes across the board for this population.

A safe transition to adulthood.

Affordable and stable housing.

Quality physical and mental health care.

High school graduation.


Employment and training.

Good decision-making.

A supportive community that represents family.

Since 1998, Peace4Kids has been creating possibilities for youth in foster care. We need your help to continue this great work.

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