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Year after year of living in the foster care system has led foster youth to believe that their voice and their desires are not important.

Peace4Kids seeks to break this untruth.

We forward the simple idea that, if our youth had the opportunity to speak their truth and be heard, it could effectively change the way they communicate for the rest of their lives.  Through our programs, we give youth a voice and a means for self-expression that enables them to make positive choices elsewhere in their lives.

Out of this environment was created the Peace4Kids Poetry Team.  Poetry gives voice to their wishes and desires, their hopes and dreams, and their tragedy and emotions.  The Peace4Kids Poetry Team travels the country to speak their truth and engage others in a conversation about growing up in foster care.

That conversation is also advanced through self-advocacy.  Peace4Kids participants have appeared numerous times before local and state legislators, conveying their life stories in the hope of improving the foster care system




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