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The Peace4Kids Teen Program provides youth ages 13-19 a focus on independent living skills, emotional and behavioral intelligence, economic literacy, dream discovery and goal setting. This program offers life skills classes on a weekly basis, covering career and employment development, money management, housing education and information, and health education.


Our Teen Program is represented by the following principles:

  • The foundation of the Teen Program is our 4 core concepts, which set the institutional framework for the expectations and culture of the group.

  • A youth-centered approach; engaging the youth in the development and establishment of curriculum ensures their buy-in and participation in the group activities

  • A process based strategy to experiencing life skills – Teens live in a world where practical experience helps their process of learning. The advent of new technology has made this generation of thinkers have an expectation of real time knowledge and application. In order for our teens to really grasp something they have to live it! Peace4Kids’ curriculum makes the teens have a real life experience in learning life skills. We don’t talk about shopping and buying food for a meal, we schedule a youth event and tell them to plan the meal and cook it. We don’t give them a fake check register and teach them to fill it out. We provide them with actually money that they need to manage. In this manner teens feel respected, trusted, and valued.

  • Individualized care. We believe in going deeper not wider. Our philosophy is not about how many you serve but about how well you serve the many. Through an initial assessment of the youth’s core interests we gain an insight as to how we can continue to engage the youth in an ongoing process of learning.

  • CHOICE.. CHOICE… CHOICE. Youth must feel chosen, and feel as though they have chosen to participate. Youth in foster care have an experience in which their ability to make critical decisions about their life is taken away from them. At Peace4Kids we respect their inherent ability to choose what is uniquely right for them, and we do not force our agenda. In this manner the youth become advocates and allies for our program and services.
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