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  The secret to Peace4Kids is not just what we do, but how we do it. Based on the notion that youth in foster care lack opportunities to make good choices in life, the idea of choice is instilled throughout the entire Peace4Kids program; we provide a context for youth to make their own decisions and discover the positive consequences of their choices. Among our intended outcomes are that youth advocate non-violence, live healthier lifestyles, avoid teen parenthood, and lead productive lives as adult members of their community.

  At the heart of all of Peace4Kids programs are Four Core Concepts which define the Peace4Kids culture:

Personal Responsibility

Regardless of what transpires in life, choices must be made based on exercising personal responsibility.

Community as Family

Although there is a natural desire for most children to want to be with their parents, a caring community can be a sufficient replacement.


Respecting one’s own space, as well as one’s surrounding environment, is essential to be a contributing member of a community.

Effective Communication
Each child learns how to communicate with others and think critically in order to diffuse potentially dangerous situations.

Ask our youth about our Core Concepts. They know them. They understand, embrace and live them. With our culture of “community as family,” Peace4Kids creates a unique environment in which foster and at-risk youth can grow and make positive choices.

Youth in foster care may move homes several times in one year, a lack of permanency that greatly contributes to the inability to form strong, positive relationships. Peace4Kids tracks youth as they move from home to home. This consistent display of interest in their lives reinforces the "community as family" philosophy making Peace4Kids truly distinctive among all programs and services for youth in foster care.

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