meet the brothers

Meet the Brothers.

For years they were separated... until Peace4Kids. Now, Antony, Manuel, George and Darrick are not only brothers, but great friends. They have been a part of the Peace4Kids family for many years and we have had the wonderful opportunity to watch them grow from timid boys to motivated young men.


Manuel, the oldest of the three, graduated high school two years ago and since has obtained employement and moved up the corporate ladder to manager for his store. He is currently enrolled in Trade Tech College in the Culinary Arts Program. Antony recently turned 18 and despite the many challenges with his housing stability, graduated this past spring with the highest G.P.A in his class.

Along with being the Film Editor for Peace4Kids, he is also enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Trade Tech College and employed with Universal Studios. George is a sophmore in high school and heads the Peace4Kids Film group. George has completed several film projects within Peace4Kids and is currently working on his very own script. George is set to graduate in the spring of 2010 and has plans to attend Columbia College Hollywood for his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Cinema. An excerpt from a thank you letter written by George to his Peace4Kids resource specialist, DeShawne Coleman “Peace4Kids has brought my family closer together. I now believe that anything is possible. I’ve learned how important it is to plan for my future. I am now more confident in my leadership skills, I’m more self motivated and I know I will succeed in life.”



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