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Why Be a Peace4Kids Mentor?
Because it Works!

Studies found that of youth who regularly met with Mentors for at least one year ...

98% stayed in school; 98% did not become a teen parent; 98% avoided gang participation; 85% did not use drugs. Regardless of your background, the greatest gift you have to offer a young person is your genuine interest in their life and your willingness to listen attentively to them.

How do I become a Mentor 
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you must: 

  • Be 21 years of age or older 
  • Be an insured, safe driver 
  • Obtain DOJ fingerprint clearance
  • Commit to a one year relationship with a child or teen.
  • Meet with your mentee two times per month and connect weekly
    by phone/e-mail 
  • Attend one outing per quarter organized by Peace4Kids to create a
    connection between the various mentors and mentees.
  • Be genuinely interested in teens and open to learning 

Mentor Application Form

Training is accomplished via one mentor training session and additional meetings quarterly throughout the year to help the mentor feel prepared and supported. Once a mentor completes the training, a matching meeting is arranged, usually on a weekday in the evening. The meeting allows a mentor to meet with his/her mentee and the mentee's parents and/or other family members and also provides additional information to all parties regarding the program, everyone's roles and commitments.

If you meet these qualifications, can fulfill the obligations, and are interested in becoming a mentor, please email


alexis & shonda

Shonda (Mentor to Alexis) says: The old adage, "It takes a village..." or in Peace4Kids lingo, "Community As Family" is a concept that Peace4Kids strives to instill in both the community it serves and the volunteers and mentors it recruits. I've been involved with Peace4Kids for almost three years, and participation in their program has afforded me the opportunity to give back to this extended family all the love, support, and instruction that was such a blessing to me in my life The most gratifying way that I have been allowed to give back is by being a Mentor. When I met Alexis at age 9, I knew that there was something extremely special about her. The funny thing is when I first met her, I wasn't really looking for a Mentee. I was actually looking for a seat - and a nap - on the bus that was taking us on the annual camping trip. I was a new volunteer with Peace4Kids and had been assigned to her bus. She invited me to sit with her and from that moment forward proceeded to talk to me. Once I resolved in my mind that I would NOT be getting a nap, I really enjoyed our conversation! I had NEVER met a young lady like her before and I was so impressed with her. Alexis is now 11 years old and we've had MANY wonderful experiences together. We've built science projects, traveled (to Virginia & Arizona), served the homeless, met famous people, spent time with her family (which I love) and mine. I hope to be in Alexis' life for a long time - through graduations and see her at Law School (she wants to be an attorney). I am so grateful to Peace4Kids for giving us this opportunity to share in each other’s lives, and I am glad that I accepted this challenge, and I know that I have been changed for the better because of it.

Alexis (age 11-Mentee to Shonda): Having a mentor is a very special thing. My life has truly changed. I do things I truly never thought I would. A mentor is the third-best thing that has happened aside from being born and coming to Peace4Kids. It is a special privilege and as much as I have thought having a mentor was all fun and games I have learned that with all the fun and games comes along with being responsible and respectful. I have the experience of going to work and earning money so now I see that maybe if I work hard and go to school but not to be the assistant of the boss but be the head boss or a defense attorney.

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